Geotechnical Services:

Tundra will work with you to determine the most efficient, cost effective and safest drilling method for planning your next drilling program.

In preparation for construction, information must first be gathered about the underlying soil conditions to determine proper engineering for weight loads and stability. Types of soil, groundwater information and depth to bedrock are just a few aspects of ground chemistry.

Tundra is able to perform the following:
  • 4", 6"and 8" Solid Stem
  • 3 .25", 4.25" and 6 5/8" Hollow Stem
  • Piezometer Installs
  • Laskey Core Sampling
  • HQ3 Coring
  • ODEX
  • HWT Casing Advancer
  • Mud & Air Rotary Sampling
  • Standard Penetration Sampling (SPT's)
  • Vibrating Wire Installs
  • SI installs
  • Shear Vane Testing
  • Shelby Tube
  • Pitcher Sampler
  • Well Decommissioning/Abandonments
  • Grouting
  • Concrete coring